Our Core Vaules are the backbone of our business

TIE Land was founded on the belief that bringing a new level of Transparency, Integrity, and Efficiency to land services would make it easier for you to do your job and for us to do ours. Our core values guide all of our dealings, both with the companies who engage us, and with our land professionals.

right of way


When deadlines loom or budgets get tight, the last thing you want is to worry that you aren’t getting what you are paying for. At TIE Land we help remove the doubt traditionally associated with land service companies. We provide you with a clear breakdown of where your budget gets spent and are happy to answer any questions you have about our processes.

Our clients have real-time, online review of their projects. The ability to review MOR’s, Exposed Lease Files, Completed Lease Files, Completed Runsheets, Maps and Reports, Anywhere, Anytime.

asset verification


Confidentiality is just as important to land deals as the research and acquisition processes that make them possible. Not only are we committed to keeping you informed about what we are doing for you, we take great care to make sure your proprietary information stays private.

We have exceptional industry professionals providing the highest quality product and are accountable for the time spent.

mineral leasing


Timelines can change, priorities can shift, and projects can be hit with unexpected delays or approvals. At TIE Land we have the personnel and resources to meet your schedule, and the know-how to adapt to a change of plans.

Our technology allows us to maximize our skills to provide a consistent more efficient real-time product, ultimately lowering cost for our clients.

Our web-based courthouse records system gives us the ability to search through courthouse data with our search feature. Instead of wasting time and resources of land professionals traveling to the courthouse to check files, they can simplify the process right from an online connected device.